Rookie station can make money

      I have been in search of a website how to make money, because I am also a rookie webmaster, not to cross the border, there is no more money to invest in their own website, the most important is too lazy. Not much patience. I generally do not update the site (a month can not be updated 2 times, and some sites have not even been updated to date), so I have been on the site of the frequent feel guilty.

        income for me but I still have to go, I feel lucky that I stand with you is not the same way possible: I buy domain and space (or free space), then think of a topic, just a good first the main page, homepage content is full, see since it seems to be a complete, very successful website, content arrangement and beautiful page above is passable (actually no, I was looking for some and their website content related websites, connect a paste up. Even the website column are pasted). Then apply GOOGLE ads on the site to hang, (I think it China website in the novice must have a GOOGLE account, because other profitable alliance is too dark, but GOOGLE is still very generous, although the average click price now drop a lot, or a good view of many other than the union). Then is to do promotion, in Baidu ah ah ah ah GOOGLE YAHOO login, really did not take long, the site was included, but also continue to do friendship with others. Finally they step by step to enrich their own website, but in less than 3 weeks, if less than two hundred pages, even the website are not the two, tired to work during the day and night (sometimes also because of trouble with a girlfriend or a variety of reasons, plus two a week of the GOOGLE account incomes less than $0.4 a day, so we do not engage in) the total time just like a month.

        after 3 months, I had to open a GOOGLE account (this is who I am, always with the volatility of changes in mood), surprised to find that there were 107 dollars in it, a daily average of about $3, is really a nice surprise. On the website of IP is less than 400, PV is about 3500, the proportion is still good, click ads about 40 a day, an average of $0.08 per click, 0.6 yuan (my website content is about advertising and Wangzhuan, so click on the price will be high).

        in this way, this money has become the first income since I stood. Because of this, I do stand aroused the passion of a sudden out of the 3 site (although this is, but it is still a dumpster, in addition to the main page look good, maybe not what can be praised, because I’m lazy and impatient personality is not much sense).


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