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Some examples of reference and Witkey network sales network

      determined to open an online shop, "what to sell" has become the most important problem. In determining what to sell, it is necessary to integrate their own financial resources, commodity attributes, as well as the convenience of logistics and transportation, to locate the sale of goods. At present, the amount of online transactions of individual stores is relatively large, including clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, mobile phones, home accessories, etc.. In this regard, online shop and traditional shops do not have much difference, looking for a good market and competitive products, is an important factor in success.

        when considering what to sell, must be determined according to their own interests and abilities. Try not to get involved in unfamiliar areas. At the same time, to determine the target customers, from their needs to choose goods. The current mainstream Internet users has two features, one is younger, to the game as the main purpose of the Internet, students proportion of users fairly; second is the office workers, on behalf of the mainstream Internet users is another basic feature of white-collar white-collar or quasi. Understand the basic features of mainstream Internet users, you can according to their own resources and conditions even hobby is determined to cast a big net, hit the mainstream, or Zoupian Jian Feng, a. Where are the characteristics of the shops are popular, if you can find a fashion and unique products, such as homemade jewelry, toys, DIY, clothing custom goods and services, will be the best choice for online shops.


        in addition, the attributes of the goods themselves also have a constraint on sales. Generally speaking, the value of goods is high, the income is high, but the investment is relatively large. For neither sales experience, and lack of original capital venture family is concerned, is not a small burden. Online trading a wide geographical area, some larger, heavier goods and low price is not suitable for online sales of goods in the mail, because the logistics cost is too high, if the cost is allocated to the buyer head, is bound to reduce the buyers desire to buy.

        what is the most popular online shop selling, which is the most popular products on the Internet to buy it? According to the latest statistics show that * * net, crystal, silver necklace, mobile phone, bedding, jeans and other people become the most searched words, these words show that people shopping from one aspect, also provides a guide for people to do business online.

        "crystal", "Jade Pendant" hot. The classification of jewelry has been one of the most active classification, * * online transactions in 2004, the new darling of fashion jewelry and personalized crystal pendant favored by buyers. In the first half of 2004, the average monthly net * * Crystal bracelet can sell more than 800 root, a jadeite jade pendant monthly volume is reached more than 3000. Crystal, silver and jade.


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