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The thousand master hand in hand to teach you how to Wangzhuan

with the increasing number of college graduates year after year, the growing talent market, resulting in a downward trend in employment rates, to the majority of students and migrant workers have brought tremendous pressure on employment. Among them, it is inevitable that there will be a group of people who want to start their own business heap. If you are a social freshmen students, or an idle member of society, so how to protect life, or even the creation of a

increase in business?

first, cultural entrepreneurship. If you write very solid, can choose to entrepreneurial culture. There are a lot of cultural business platform, such as "refers to the customer network, through the creation of their own wonderful SMS works, as the seed release to the customer to provide others online, download and forwarding, then you can download by others forward and get profit and operators were divided into. In addition, you can also participate in that guest online each of the prize activities, creating wonderful message and then use the gold to earn coins, mobile prepaid card, then your days and months multiplying, prepaid card sold, this is not a kind of income


two, physical entrepreneurship. The virtual life now has gradually come into reality, it has been far beyond the reality of life in search of a virtual life psychological, such as some general love high QQ number, game account and SkyDrive account, then we can make full use of the Wangzhuan, for example, we can use the batch registration a large number of registered tools QQ number, and then hang up when the road upgrading, a certain level and then to sell online, there is a little, now SkyDrive is very popular, we also can register a number of accounts, and then through the daily maintenance to upgrade to sell Taobao, such as SkyDrive 115, a level 10 account enough to sell hundreds of yuan.

three, technology entrepreneurship. With the popularization of multimedia on the network, now all kinds of creative advertising into the poor, formed the image of a competition, so if you have some design skills, you can also make money here a fortune, such as design their own creative works, and in some platform to release your resources available to others the paid download, such as nipic.

four, group entrepreneurship. Now many people just graduated students from his own hand failed to find a suitable job, hand their money and not enough venture, how not everyone win-win? You can find some friends or classmates, then look for a lucrative idea, then everyone venture. Two students in the University, once a top student say, now still give up work, choose their own way of entrepreneurship, they saw the business opportunities to target, opened a clothing store in a university door, selling price interview clothing, which is not only convenient for graduate the students need to interview, it is to open a door to their business. The article comes from the customer network www.zk008.xom, reproduced please retain the source, respect for other people’s labor results!

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