CO how to get the boss

CIO what is the function of the enterprise information system planning, selection, maintenance…… In addition, CIO have more and more "extra" work to do, hold the highest power fix boss is one of them.

CIO in addition to dealing with the cold machine and rigid technology, communication with people is also essential. Single said the company, there are three kinds of people difficult to get, but it is not impossible to do: first, the business department heads; second, IT Department staff; finally, is the most difficult to get – boss.

How can

How do

? Actually very simple solution. I interviewed some time ago, a large enterprise CIO experience may be used for reference. Their company is to let the boss can easily see what you want to see the data, recently purchased a set called "decision treasure" of small and medium enterprise edition software, use very simple, designed to display the data to see the boss, masked some boss are not interested in the complex technology, management, communication and other background information.


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