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The sale of Web sites linked to the moon is not a dream

The sale of

links can easily earning thousands of years ago, since Taobao started off red, more and more owners began to join the queue. I believe a lot of people know, do Taobao guest promotion is the most important to find the key word to do, and then continue to improve the website weight and keywords ranking, optimization on the home page. During this process the very important point is that we do outside the chain, a continuous exchange of Links, improve website PR value. But after the Baidu Taobao station since two K station baptism, has been difficult to exchange with others Links, who want to make K body ah. What can we do? Of course, we can buy links.

there is demand, there will be market. So, from the beginning of the link trading market gradually hot up, specializing in the sale of links are a lot of people, some of the strength of the team began operation, links to the sale of personnel income are not cheap, the team operating income every month in the tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands or more. In particular, after experiencing the baptism of the two Baidu K Taobao station, I have to do Taobao customers gradually lost confidence. Why not change the thinking? After analysis, I found that the current connection price is generally 5 yuan (Baidu included more than 500 pages), $10 (1000+ or more), and I want to emphasize that these two links. We set up through the N theme station, waiting for the collection number to reach the standard after the sale link.

let me talk about the specific steps:

first step: to buy a 20 A5 domain name, at least have more than half a year, no matter what the suffix com best of course. In this way, you avoid the embarrassment of new sites into the sandbox.

second step: the location of the site theme, this is very important, who knows, do friends chain, if the theme of the content, the weight of the site will be improved. I know that Taobao customers on weight loss products, clothing, cosmetics, beauty and some of these theme sites have a special liking. I use the workpress blog to build the program and other groups built 20 of these themes site (of course, at first is very tired, adhere to), workpress itself optimization is good, very much like Baidu.

third steps: data collection, pseudo original treatment, because he is the programmer was born, this difficult to me, I wrote the keyword automatic monitoring and collection of pseudo original processing tools, I let the program to update, it saved me a lot of time.

fourth step: the data has been imported, immediately submitted to the search engine, only to submit Baidu and Google on the line, mainly by the two of them to make money. After waiting for the search engine included.

The fifth step:

made one for the station, of course, one should be comfortable and can stop. Take the time to do the chain, the site’s weight or to continue to improve, one can improve included, two can improve the weight of the site, so that can sell a good price.

sites are all on the VPS, 10G U.S. VPS, the speed is relatively good in foreign space, the purpose of these stations is not to flow >