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Talk about how to make a small amount of money movie station

wrote for the first time, I hope you support, how to make a lot of money movie station? I believe a lot of people want to know, my movie network has been opened for half a year.

although income is not much, but still want to share to you, not the place of exhibitions!

now whether it is a ghost will open the movie network, the number of film programs are endless, to buy a space, a program on the collection, the success of the site. I am also a part-time webmaster, the small flow of the poor, although Baidu included hundreds, but only about IP500, IP, sometimes sees thousands of jealous, are put pornographic images exchange traffic, but the traffic effect is not big?. Although my station every day 500IP, at least 400 are loyal users! How to retain users, the following is my analysis of several points.

1 to build a QQ group, so that users and more exchanges with you, for example, the fastest response to the user, to the user based, you collect more movies, no one to see, is not the same useless.. So to the user based.

2 do not put some of the flow of sexual union, to the IP are garbage, others are click on the pornographic pictures to your station, and found that not only will be closed immediately!

3 do not put the window, display shells, adult classes to click on ads, these ads do not make money,

4 site clean and tidy, don’t be seen by others to think rubbish station! Don’t do connection with some newly opened movie station!

on the above points, right, mainly talking about how to make a small flow of money.

I put on the MM advertising, although the price is not very high, or quite satisfied, monthly income of 500,

, but not put it, there is so much money. This is the need to communicate with users, to help users to click on ads, only income, although this is cheating, but money is most important!! for example, every time people ask for, I will want to help others in the group with little advertising, shouting to help users click, chat and group the leading group in the activity.

I believe that once the steady flow to do up, I believe that the site’s higher sexual price.

talked about it! Look at www.027kk.com

in Wuhan

in addition to seek friendship connection, site PR1, Baidu included 750, PR is not required for the, Baidu included home page and content page, snapshot for 3 days, the page is clean, no pornographic advertising can. Interested plus QQ379996914

has no time to take care of, the station to transfer, willing to take over the QQ details.