CPS a sustainable way for Chinese websites

      on most websites, especially personal website, make an easy money, it is difficult to earn money for a lifetime ", like when SP fire, Taobao crazy burn, there are a lot of personal website to send money (of course, admire the opportunity I), but when people that put the fire out of a lot of people are lamenting the" winter ", guobayin killed.

the current domestic personal website mainly is to make money through the website alliance, but few people know that this form is the Amazon website alliance 1996 invention, Amazon is the world’s first website alliance, Amazon alliance advertising model is CPS, CPS is in accordance with the sales of paid advertising model, such as the Amazon website with $100 in sales, you can get about $10 from Amazon commission.

2006 U.S. e-commerce sales is $100 billion, of which 50 billion from the CPS alliance, 2006 American website received $5 billion CPS revenue; 12 consecutive years of rapid growth, prove that CPS is a stable and sustainable growth, compared to the revenue model, we think SP and Taobao registered advertising fire a few will know.

CPS after all, the reason why this model can be a long time, not like SP, Taobao registered advertising, the key lies in the die, this is a healthy advertising model, but also can really bring value for advertisers, if I can help Amazon to earn 20 yuan, it naturally willing to 10 yuan to me.

at home, CPS started late, until 2004 gradually flourished, to 2007, with the rapid development of Electronic Commerce (according to the survey, China online shopping coverage has reached 25.5%, each of the 4 Internet users in 1, and the webmaster of online shopping) CPS solution and the degree of recognition more and more high, CPS has gradually become the mainstream of the advertising model, the 2007 CPS advertising revenue is expected to scale 30 million yuan, has a Tencent, CILU, hao123, Tesco, parity, Joobuy, Lang Lang net net books more and more sites to dig into the pot of gold CPS market; of course, 30 million yuan and 5 billion dollars, the difference is really great, but from another perspective, it can prove the enormous market potential.

Yiqifa is currently the largest CPS China advertising alliance, monthly sales of more than 18 million yuan, about 1800000 yuan of commission, DELL, Amazon, Dangdang and other dozens of cooperative shopping sites, covering books, audio and video, digital, mother, cosmetics, clothing, and other types of goods, Home Furnishing ticket, can meet almost all Internet users shopping needs.

this month, in order to further promote the development of CPS, Yiqifa held the "CPS experience" activities, all stations and Yiqifa > in September to join the performance