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Personal Adsense analysis of their own business 5 years of those things

between 2009 and my ignorant, partners embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, the hard way up, found that the entrepreneurial environment is really good, the price is low, low prices, accommodation is also low, the most hateful is that wages are very low. Haha, joking. Wu Qiong, an ordinary 80 students, was not admitted to a good school, alone carried thousands of miles away from Henan to Heilongjiang Qigihar to go to school, do not let the family worry, not to let the family to send (the first journey), I want to own break a piece of heaven and earth.

University in a short time, 3 years passed very quickly, although learning software is professional, but they are not the piece of material, but was once very "bright red blossoms and green willows attracted enthusiastic research on web design, no talent, not only beauty technology, study the code. Looking at so many large websites like Sina, NetEase brightly coloured, function is very powerful, dreams and other graduate also made such a, can realize their ideas through the code, very interesting. So 3 years in between the pages and code to walk.

graduation way, as a waiter, in the bar, do not know what to do, or think of love as choice of Internet industry, find a so-called network studio work, a monthly salary of 400 yuan, enough to eat and drink, drag the relationship between boarding with a friend.

in 2009 a chance, the same dormitory friends we meet together, plan what to do, there is no way out to work all day. We studied for 3 months, decided to engage in a talent network, so that we have embarked on a road of no return. For 5 years, 30 people, all of a sudden the thirty years of age.

this happened 5 years the story is really a lot, just start at the beginning, Hecheng talent network has no place, and my partner hides 800 yuan to the city of Qigihar, there is a credit card (when working in the field office). So we got enough in the first half of 2000 yuan rent, rent a house, start a business plan. At that time, we have to live, we plan to work while the implementation of the plan. In fact, we did not work during the work, because there is no survival.

We think it is a time of

after half a year, just second years earlier, we decided to resign and started the company, cause, we put their own ideas and manager of the exchange, the boss appreciated our actions, to resign and give us support for a month’s salary, was so moved. We began to choose the program after the resignation, the purchase of the site, the construction site, and the election of Valentine’s Day officially opened operations.

opening and operation of the month, we are not propaganda, also did not quiet, but quietly plan good things, and my partners every day from morning to evening street, collect business information, go to the talent market, the labor market to collect business information, come back at night to the site tidy hair cloth. Persisted for about 2 months