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Wangzhuan experience to find a way to make money is not difficult

I didn’t finish high school, so write something bad, is true.

turn to the question, a year ago I had nothing to play games in the net bar, know a few good brothers, which have met in Warcraft Taoge, he is Cantonese, he took my first pot of gold is the harvest of life, though not a lot of money, but for a rice borers, is a very happy what.

in mid April of this year, to see his girlfriend, the way to find taoge. May the Cantonese are hospitable, he asked me to go home, his family only he and his wife, but the home study on three computer, I feel very strange, unconsciously asked, Taoge was also just smiled and said to. It makes me more curious, when I play online, Taoge is almost always online, sometimes also stay up all night to do the task. I’ve been playing for over three years, and I’ve never heard of his high technology or anything on the computer.

We drank a lot of wine

night, drink not to life like, games, we talk about women, only second days that I remember is Taoge chatted about his career now. At that time only remember what he said made a 800 technology, also did not care too much. Second days after lunch go back to Hunan.

soon came in May, one night Taoge phone asked I do not know the car, he said he would buy a car. How can I now own to take care of the car, because he and I was not yet ripe to say what point, phone I have not asked for anything else just hung up the phone and continue to play my World of Warcraft. More sad days, because the pocket is going down, and then ask for money at home is not too shameless, shameless person, it is certainly not, also cannot play Warcraft, mind all day thinking about how to make money, I think that to think of taoge. How he suddenly want to buy a car, his family will not give him money, I can be sure that he developed? Is that what 800 fuckedup? So I open the computer called the "800 Baidu Taoge technology" network, search out is not much, I opened the first see the next page, the following information is true, taoge. This is because the 87773423 QQ before I gave him, I was on the phone and he talked about this thing, he also told me very clearly, he took 30 thousand dollars savings to buy thousands of kinds of practical technology of CD, earn some money.

asked me step by step, he finally confessed, and soon I did it. And because he is sort of friendship, he gave a very affordable price. Because I don’t understand these networks, although Taoge like him to give me a website source code, but I think it can reflect their own ideas, so I bought a PHP website, the beginning don’t know how to promote, then Taoge step by step to teach me. He said that our industry and the other is not the same, not to worry about what IP what traffic, only select >