XX Golf website operations planning plan

development strategy

combined with XX golf has been owned by the largest customer groups China terminal products (millions of members), China largest goods distribution channels (agents, partners, distributors have nearly 1/3 golf shop owner), China largest publicity platform (domestic products ranked the forefront of the golf industry professional newspaper, comprehensive portal website for direct DM membership magazine) three advantages of background. On this basis, fully tap the value of the channel and various types of offline resources, and achieve online / offline interactive, and ultimately achieve the goal of the occupation of the golf market.

note: at the appropriate time to launch a new golf culture, golf break only located in the high-end positioning of successful people, expand the target customer groups, such as white-collar workers, to senior private entrepreneurs and other groups penetration.


business model


golf courses, training ground, service agencies, training institutions, the ball tool provider and the surrounding related businesses online display platform


2.                information release platform

golf related businesses and practitioners, all kinds of information can be released through our platform.


3.              personal display platform


Golf blog and column for the golf industry, coach, master, to introduce and promote their fancier.


4.                communication platform (


golf all relevant practitioners can communicate, interact, communicate and make friends through our platform.


5.                data platform

members can upload and filter and review the information platform to provide a variety of audio, video, pictures, text and other aspects of golf information for members to download, enjoy and learn.


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