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Cai Philharmonic live tigers a year business gains and losses to social life electricity supplier to

A recent

"do not waste Baidu two rich generation background" article, will spin off last March to operate independently of the Philharmonic live back to the public view, this article in terms of strategy and products of Philharmonic live criticism. The Philharmonic live head Cai Hu also pay attention to this article, and Sina in the scientific and technological exchanges, Cai Hu admitted that the past year in the implementation of the strategy level some out of focus, such as Tandaqiuquan, do a lot of innovation and try on the product, with positive results, but failed to accurately cut the user just need to, these are entrepreneurship is the precious harvest, but also to recognize social life business too early.

Tens of millions of dollars of investment

backed Baidu flow, IDG and Qiming, Philharmonic live entrepreneurship starting point is very high, but a year later, in the development of the Internet has no beautiful answer. The first point is "no reflection on Cai Hu focus: because of overly optimistic estimate of the Internet trend of the local life services market, also began a team desperate to do platform, some Tandaqiuquan, simultaneously carried out too many projects, but in every place tie is not deep, lead to scattered resources.

Cai Hu according to plan, in 2013 the Philharmonic live is mainly to do subtraction, put some time before or do not meet the user just need to project, will focus on the goal to do reliable life service information recommendation, such as simplifying the product form, the weakening of social business and Master sharing mode, modification is not suitable for all areas of life falls stream and time line shape, and cooperate with the project team size reduction and adjustment.

from the perspective of the environment, but after experiencing hot O2O fuzzy dilemma. Cai Hu emotion O2O than originally thought to be difficult". Especially with Baidu maps, WeChat LBS upgrade to usher in the explosive development, Alipay launched the card package service and so on, the uncertainty of the industry suddenly increased. Is a good thing for the Philharmonic live, but every step must go more robust.

group purchase and classified information, have the forum in the best of spirits to move closer to the O2O, but which one is the mode of the present who did not dare to jump to conclusions?.

Cai Hu used the experience of the past year reached a conclusion that the social life + electronic commerce way in China or too early, the main reason lies in the life of the service industry of the Internet education level is low, the market needs time and cost considerably, the line recommended the common scenario is also more difficult to copy to the line, and commodity information the most basic structural problems have not been solved the electricity supplier model universal.

spent a year to "trial and error", is still a luxury thing. Cai Hu stressed that "to help users more assured more convenient to choose life, solve the problem of life direction", we have been adhering to the "life partner", each one of the most reliable, more entrepreneurial team of faith and reason. The past year has grown Philharmonic live a better product, some areas such as beauty is also explored, have a deeper understanding and accumulation, in 2013, the most important thing to do to fully focus resources.