Google Adsense N knife cut legend

      such a thing is not the first time launched a large-scale discussion, 100, 1000 knife cut knife cut and knife cut has been can be heard without end. Because the account is to stop the people of all kinds of color, so the level of income is also different, there are hundreds of natural knife to ten thousand points of the knife, but said N knife will cut down is really no evidence.

      I was quite lucky, experienced a small amount of checks, but has never been cut, if the N knife will cut, then I can be regarded as a negative example.

      N knife cut is spread in the so-called publisher the publisher of income to a certain level will be stop account statement, the reason is very simple, because publishers think Google will put these down as their income income. This is a logical truth, able to withstand heavy battering for small Adsense, if he will do so to do alliance.

      in fact, for any advertising alliance is the most important two points, one is the distribution channels, the two is the credibility of the company. From the release of the channel, the publisher more League income nature more, more will be the chicken eggs more attention, rather than kill meat; if only because of the amount of income is to stop account not only from a legal point of view is very dangerous, but there are no such things as credit union cannot survive.

      Google Adsense each publisher’s audit is very strict, each level needs to pay the income are very strict, not how much money will be more stringent. Because Google Adsense has a sound monitoring and evaluation system to analyze the behavior of cheating and invalid clicks, although it may be biased in detail, but the general principle is not a problem.


      100 knife cut is the most easy to understand, because before the 100 knife to pay for the Google is of no significance, Google will verify the payment of income, so a lot of cheating will be found at the time of payment, which is the so-called 100 knife cut.

      thousand knife cut

      for small and medium-sized webmaster, the income is a thousand knives Hom, normal means it is difficult to achieve this level. And after taking some of the rules or the method of cheating is relatively easy, and officials of the 59 year old scene almost as close to a thousand knives to stimulate the publisher’s adventure, which is a thousand knives cut.

      Wan Dao