On the new higher survival handbook

a. For network novice, a good attitude is very important. In other words, the money on the network is not so good, you have to work hard for a long time. More careful users registered before


B. If you have a good condition of the Internet, and some spare time, do Wangzhuan is good, you need to Wangzhuan early, a lot of input, so that the annual income of Wangzhuan is the most value of the company requires you to spend about half a year long run, will be harvested. Establish an own Wangzhuan site is a must, for example, the seaman established specialized information to provide their own Wangzhuan Wangzhuan site, to move off the assembly line, this line of good trick.

C. Many companies to make money advertising is a search engine, usually you have to search, or a long time may delete your account. Wangzhuan often you hear "do an effective search, advertisers often will send you a link from the search engine, then you spot the link is not enough, because it is the advertiser no income, you have to point to a keyword search engine, then there is a search results and this is an effective search. If you really want to make money from a company, it is necessary to make an effective search. Just think, if the advertisers do not have income, your income is from where? So, if you often search for light and do not make a valid search, then K your account is very normal!

D. You have to play by the advertisers make money online game rules, don’t cheat, at least not for a very low-level cheating cheating tools, otherwise you will not get any revenue, but also harm the Chinese image, everyone did not have to play.

E. The vast majority of advertising companies are not allowed to you with a project to register multiple accounts, usually is the advertiser through your registration information, the Internet IP address and coockie on your IE to determine whether you have multiple accounts on one project. So, if you are on the same machine, the same IP registered on the same project multiple accounts will be very stupid, waiting for you to pay when you delete your account, then maniang is of no use ^_^. But you have to register an account with your company and your family. But in the specific operation of the time to pay attention to what the problem can be written to me.

F. Note that now the new company at the time of registration, in the choice of interest, almost all of the seach, it would be best not to choose, because the Chinese traffic worthless, so search is not worth the money, so don’t choose would not have received seach letter


G. E-mail to make money, to receive mail as soon as possible after clicking the link, because most messages have a time limit, and then access a is expired. If the mail can be more links to every message into a Word document, save as a HTML document, after the Internet one by one click links, improve >


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