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Story Silicon Valley youth entrepreneurship incubator 500 Startups graduation ceremony



500 Startups founder David · wearing masks to spend; shuabao host Demo Day


technology Zheng Jun from the bottom of the U.S. Silicon Valley

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on the big screen PPT, cheers and applause to the audience, accompanied by the stage lighting effects, looking radiant stars onto the stage in turn, published in 3 minutes or wit or sincere speech, you may feel in a ceremony of the scene.

this is a well-known Silicon Valley incubator 500 Startups · founder David (Dave McClure); spend to effect, in order to make entrepreneurs relax, he even wearing masks to host, brought the house down. Mountain view, San Francisco, New York, the science and technology and venture capital industry around more than and 20 years old people in Silicon Valley with a group of young entrepreneurs, investors to show young entrepreneurial dreams, persuade them to participate in achievement under a pioneering miracle.

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has passed the age of 40 The spend in the blog confesses his voice: "I still work hard, still belief hard, may help others accomplish great things". He started 500 two years ago, the intention is to hatch out of the start-up companies, and this goal has now achieved nearly 1/3 Startups. Different from other incubators, 500 Startups does not accept the application of start-up companies, only to accept a number of partners in the world’s partners recommended entrepreneurial team.

for each incubator, Demo Day is the most important day. After several months of incubation incubator entrepreneurs, confident to participate in the graduation ceremony, standing on the stage of their own, many investors to the stage to introduce their entrepreneurial projects, hoping to get financial support. No matter how the project development, at least entrepreneurs seem confident, after the relevant training so that they face the audience with no fear. Their PPT simple and funny, jeans and T-shirt spend Silicon Valley IT men play also became their object.

Demo Day aims to create opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors to communicate, so that investors see the potential of entrepreneurial team. So in the whole event, in addition to the stage show time, investors, entrepreneurs and the media have sufficient time to face to face communication. Participate in venture capital, including DST, Google venture capital, Intel capital, Accel Partner and other well-known Silicon Valley venture capital institutions.


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