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Online university website Udacity financing $15 million



online university" Udacity web page dedicated to providing free university education startup Udacity announced a $15 million B round of financing, by Anderson Horowitz – top VC (Andreessen Horowitz) led. So far, the company has raised $21 million 100 thousand from outside. They offer online courses in computer science, mathematics, integrated science, programming, and entrepreneurship for students who do not have the time, money or opportunity to enter a traditional university.

now has a large number of start-ups are trying to break the status of higher education, such as Khan (Khan Academy), 2tor, ShowMe, Udemy, Grockit, Coursera, Lynda and StraighterLine. However, Anderson -‘s investment in Udacity to become profitable business is noteworthy. Although the Udacity course is free, but students can choose to participate in a number of certification fees. At the same time, Udacity began to find employment through the graduates to earn referral fees.

Udacity plans to use the new funds to continue to build its technology platform, including mobile applications and the introduction of adaptive learning technology based on students’ ability to automatically change. They will also expand the size of the course and strengthen cooperation with the relevant industries in the graduate recommendation.

entrepreneurial experience

co-founder Sebastian (Sebastian Thrun) he worked in Stanford University professor of artificial intelligence course, he is also the co inventor of the Google driverless car. He co founded the Udacity with Mike Stavens and Sokolsky (Mike) and co founded by (David).


(Sal Khan) – sal Khan, the Khan Academy’s influence on Education (after the Khan Academy course covers the world’s hundreds of millions of students), but decided to take the same way on their course. He said: "at first, we just send e-mails to tell people that we can have our lessons online free of charge." The first night, there are 5000 students registered. When the number of students reached 160 thousand people, Standford asked them to stop enrollment. He said: "they don’t know what happened." Later, he decided to leave Standford, founded the Udacity.

Udacity course features

Unlike other attempts to popularize higher education, Udacity does more than provide classroom video to

. But Udacity was almost the same game and course description. "Students are bombarded with questions, quizzes, not lectures," he said. We completely avoided the lecture." In the Udacity class, the professor briefly introduces the theme


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