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Mogujie.com CEO June to create the volume of the company released a new brand of skin net

business in February 2010 to now, this in less than two years the company will do billions of dollars of valuation, is a 80 network, he is mogujie.com CEO June. 1 million 500 thousand yuan venture, and within two years the company valuation reached billions of dollars, June’s thriller wealth miracle all people within the industry eye.


is a new female buyers community, Hangzhou is a focus volume under the network melon to provide beauty and fashion, share shopping, make like-minded friends free exchange platform. It is one of the most fashionable and popular female community websites in china. As of the beginning of April, the number of registered users of mogujie.com has exceeded 9 million 500 thousand, UV reached 2 million 200 thousand, browse the amount of billions of dollars (PV), single user browsing to page 50.


shrouded in a huge success, people ignore another masterpiece of mogujie.com CEO June – roll bean nets. Roll beans network is committed to providing innovative and valuable e-commerce tools for the online community, to help the majority of owners to seize the development trend of e-commerce, access to development and return.

gold chain LinkMiner is the first product of the network development, it is extremely innovative business model, excellent user experience, won the favor of the webmaster. Just a month on the line, there are three thousand registered owners to use, a total of about thirteen million times for the webmaster conversion links. At the same time to help a large number of owners get a huge return, which has outstanding outstanding number of owners of thousands of yuan breakthrough.

according to the uncertain news, mogujie.com June earlier registered Hangzhou volume melon Network Co. Ltd., put forward to create a series of "enterprise’s volume" idea in the future, from his first product volume beans can be reflected. Recently, there are careful users found that juanpi.com impressively included in the search engine, visit shows that under construction……" , the domain name has been certified by the Ministry of industry and the domain name will be opened recently.


According to the

domain name industry veteran said, in addition to juanpi.com, a series of "juan" at the beginning of the Larry domain prices have begun to fluctuate, this phenomenon marks the industry there will be a big action. Do not know whether this is June prepared for his "roll’s enterprise" war? The success of mogujie.com as a strong backing, Hangzhou melon, beans, brand new gold chain volume rolling, roll’s unknown ", June can successfully create a" roll’s miracle ", a wait and see.


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