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How do make use of classified information to earn 20 thousand

said here is a local station I do provide service for the enterprise website, I registered using the union bound is also a hundred responses to a single call, their own independent domain name (http://s.qzweb.xisky.net), and then, I use their SEO technology "enterprise site optimization to Baidu’s natural ranking.

our network is not very developed in Quzhou, but for the company to provide web site construction is really a lot of ah. I got tens of thousands of cards, probably spent hundreds of dollars, I am in the national network data (www.7data.cn) to buy a virtual host, set up a classified information website. I do not change the charge of ordinary classified information website strategy, I used to send 1 messages 1 dollars per day, then printing their own cards to tens of thousands of street, every day out of about 1000, basket, pedestrians, shops, residential and so on, is my goal, so from the beginning of the 10 days no one to send information on our website, now every day there are a few people.

then I found out that people start is always hesitant, reluctant to a multiple months, so I developed a new preferential policies, as long as he once a year, I sent him a smart station (is not to modify the template that is a webmaster can get a 10 minutes that), rely on this strategy, a lot of people are going to try to do this for a month, changed her mind, so far more than and 20 people have a hair for 1 years and more than and 40 months of development, there are hundreds of 1 months


I printed 500 yuan can be printed on the card of the 5000, up to now a total of about $20000, the cost of $2000, and almost nothing on the flow of the site has earned nearly 20000 yuan.

I believe that with my hard work, I will have a good prospect in this local website.

well, do not write, so, I hope everyone can make money, do not be too concerned about the problem of face! Original: Knight station, please indicate the source! Thank you



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