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To the novice website – the way to make money online analysis

throughout the Internet, in recent years the site can be described as the innumerable program will not do, will do the program have their own website, but so many do, make the website to dry what is used?

is a pure fun, of course this kind of company is relatively few enthusiasts, two class website, this website is the function of natural products to do the show and other functions, three is the number of large professional website operation station, such as Sina, Tom, Sohu and other information integrated station, as well as Baidu, Google and other search engines, these sites are based on their website, so we can not be compared with them. The four is that we do not have the economic base is very strong, want to do from earn some pocket money, this kind of website is the majority, so now we mainly analyze several such the site of the way to make money, to share to everyone!

first, analyze large website profit model, this is a reference for our small profits. First, information, this kind of website profit by website content (instant information) to attract large crowds to browse the site, so the site mainly depends on the flow characteristics of its own, with advertising as the source of income (such as the Sina 163, on their website advertising is not a general price oh, second), industry type, this type of website is mainly rely on the website of the industry, use of existing resources in the industry to attract a large number of industry insiders, while providing trading function, this kind of website is mainly industry professional and industry segmentation, industry classification is smaller, the target population is more obvious therefore, this kind of website profit point is: 1, the professional resources (such as the number of toll fee to download music download station). 2, to provide product trading platform from the transaction commission fees (such as mechanical network, etc.). 3, advertising costs (such a professional crowd, of course, some people are willing to advertise their products to advertise). There are other large web site classification, the current analysis of such a typical two bar.

secondly, discuss our small site profit model. In front of the first point of the large site of the way of profit, we may be more or less some of the site’s profit, so small site on what to profit? Flow, you do not flow site what is the use? However, with the flow of how we converted into money? This is a problem, and now some of the small site’s earnings, do analysis, a professional. Remember, no matter how small the site, if you are involved in a particular industry, you must. For example: QQ space resources, this is one of the most common station, so how to do? A small QQ space resource class, have a lot of small classes, such as QQ space QQ space larger module, FLASH module, QQ module and other personalized messages, as long as the one small module do, you can not flow away, taking QQ as an example: personalized messages specialize QQ personalized message the site, then you every day to do some of the more creative is their original message, and every day! So naturally.


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