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Electricity supplier to build the mall business

— to be the way in the electricity supplier dream

has attracted many friends on the electricity supplier industry on the upgrade of the situation, whether it is in school or just graduated from college students, leisure or work life time to enrich the people, as long as there is little understanding of the electricity supplier, all want to break a world of their own in the way of electricity providers, many people have electricity supplier dream, because the limitations of their own resources, can not have a comprehensive understanding, understanding or even cannot understand the profound drop, entrepreneurial ambition, if not at all sure, categorically not to go, I have to so many people have such concerns (specific circumstances have the opportunity to tell you).

straight to the theme, to enter the electricity supplier industry must fully enrich themselves, including the understanding of industry trends, the overall feeling of the electricity supplier, the implementation of specific planning steps on electricity providers, financial preparation, personnel reserve, system selection, service selection and so on, the direction is the and every direction of further refinement but also many content can expand. Today to talk about the mall to build.

of course, before that all the pre demand for the assumption that the realization of the good, and now you have the hands of the exact implementation of the mall, then what do we do next?

The first step of

system, whether it is free or paid, get the hand, must first have an intuitive understanding of the front and back, all choices convenient after you, remember that entrepreneurs play no grasp of the battle, everything should be aware of.

the second step, the domain name for the record, choose a recognizable domain name is very fee head, but this is very important, if you have a good domain name, so the promotion after only half, because the application and record of the domain name to deal with a lot of professional, so if you are paid for the system is relatively easy to handle, customer service will help you to deal with, if it is free, it must go to the record filing process, person the next time I will have to share the map.

the third step, because of the different populations vary greatly, there will be some system and process has been into the sales data, docking deposit accounts, such as the 366EC mall system will have full docking link with the housekeeper and old customers of the financial software or ERP data, for example if customers are in store Tmall existing business platform, want to open new data integration platform and the original shop also need to install the docking software, please help data processing or customer service. Of course, if we only open a new store, you can skip this part.

the fourth step, the real mall construction began, you supply your product, you want to sell something you need to use your imagination and talent you endless their edited layout in various locations of the system, as for the product display, this should see the live, some people are born have a sense of beauty, the effect will be made out of Concord, it is a very fine people want to stay.


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