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Chongqing’s largest acquisition of personal websites stranded 1 million 900 thousand to account for

Recently, the Chongqing IT circle came news that Chongqing personal website will usher in the largest acquisition, registered by the "super girl" and "Steamed Buns murder" Web "fame" wide ", will be at the price of 1 million 900 thousand yuan acquisition of Shanghai network company. But the reporter learned yesterday, the acquisition has been stranded.

personal site refers to the company did not enter the business, not directly related to business, taxation and other procedures, no employees, the entire site maintenance and management is entirely a webmaster website. According to this standard, Guo Jijun founded the Czech Republic is the standard personal website, the office is a laptop computer. It is understood that in the field of pure personal website, which is the largest amount of acquisition.

Guo Jijun, the website main picture ringtones download and navigation, in March this year, Shanghai network through QQ to find him, said from the traffic ranking, website "money" to buy good, wide. When Guo Jijun made a special trip to Shanghai to visit, to find the strength of buyers. After consultation with the final turnover of 1 million 900 thousand yuan, down payment as soon as possible to meet the 10%.


contract signed, also began to account, thought 1 million 900 thousand yuan is in the bag with his wife Guo Jijun, began to make a sightseeing tour.

to May this year, Guo received a total of 500 thousand yuan remittances. But at this time, Shanghai suddenly said the company due to personnel adjustment, the termination of the acquisition. The two sides during the repeated negotiations, but earlier this month, the acquisition of grounding is a foregone conclusion. According to the contract, if the termination of cooperation, will pay 30% of the liquidated damages to Guo Jijun, due to the previous 500 thousand yuan to pay just and the proportion of similar, so the two sides agreed to offset the penalty, and Guo Jijun is futile, but just sit 500 thousand yuan is enough cost-effective.

it is reported that recently there is a Guangdong company to find contact with the acquisition of Guo, but because the other side is willing to only 1 million 400 thousand yuan, the matter did not talk about.

During an interview with

, Guo Jijun has the mobile phone SMS to the reporter, many of which are bank remittance arrival notice, "as long as the bell people click or download pictures, cooperation website will pay, each is only a few cents to a few dollars, but together, every day there are still hundreds of yuan of income." It is reported that the Czech Republic in the current monthly income of about 50 thousand yuan.

sitting at home can make money, why do you want to make money machine to sell Guo Jijun said that Internet technology is changing rapidly, but they do not do procedures, often feel powerless.

The acquisition of

is not successful, but let Guo Jijun and his more famous website, not only Chongqing IT circle, many foreign counterparts have heard. In this regard, Guo Jijun is very low-key, "1 million 900 thousand yuan purchase price may be one of the best in Chongqing, but compared with coastal is not what", according to Guo introduction, after the coastal city has the personal website is acquired. The price is 50 million yuan.

rough estimate, the number of domestic personal website up to 3000, do a good job DoNews, h>


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