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Venture into 3 times everyone can reduce the threshold of gold

Abstract compared with today’s entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs in the 1 era of entrepreneurship there are large companies experience, entrepreneurship is the capital of the 2 era of competition.

Tencent technology Han Yimin reported on September 13th

new wave of entrepreneurial wave has surged and the momentum is huge.

in the mobile Internet breeding and catalysis, the lower the threshold of entrepreneurship, more and more active VCs, jointly created a 3 version of the Chinese Internet venture. The new entrepreneurial environment for more ordinary people are also involved in this wave of.

although the Internet venture capital circles this lively scene has caused people to bubble concerns, but investors are still optimistic about the future have predicted: the next ten years, this round of Internet start-ups will continue, and will have more possibilities.

Entrepreneurship has become a prominent

in mid August 2014, a young dish Jun O2O semi clean vegetables sales project Meihua Angel founding partner Wu Shichun and nine joint ventures founding partner Wang Xiao combined to provide tens of millions of level Pre – A round of investment, but this time from the young monarch dish was less than a year.

Before the start of the

, the three founders of young food Jun have a stable and income is not low, but they are willing to go out of the comfort zone, choose to face the risk of entrepreneurship.

also chose to start a business as well as Lin Shen, who is working on a Let "s" China website designed to provide travel, Q & A, and city activities to foreigners in china. And any animal husbandry, Lin deep from school after graduation into a wave of entrepreneurship.

September 3rd, young Jun Jun and Let ‘s China appeared in the 2014 China China finals (Demo) live.

Demo, chairman of IDG China organizers entrepreneur capital founding partner Xiong Xiaoge (micro-blog) revealed that this year the competition project more than 2 thousand, is two times last year, will eventually get creative star is only 12, the real one in a thousand. This is the largest ever held in China since the eight years of innovation, and the lively Demo China is just a microcosm of the current Chinese Internet boom.

"entrepreneurship has become obviously significant." In September 4th, Chinese overseas special theme innovation dialogue link, Huawei International Group (CID) partner Luo Wenqian said, "the current Chinese entrepreneurs, now is the best time."

if the Web2.0 entrepreneurial hot 2005 is called entrepreneurship 1 times, group purchase entrepreneurial hot 2010 is called 2 times, so more young entrepreneurs and broader business space, more active VCs are together to create Internet entrepreneurs 3 times.

93 year old Wen Chenghui is now a gift to say C>


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