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The biggest problem is the network venture trust two words

Internet has created a large number of rich people, envy. Others see the Taobao money, want to open a Taobao shop; see others do wholesale money in the Alibaba, they also want to open a Alibaba shops; see others do make money, want to do a website development. However, the network is really a success of a few? Some time you do not do not understand, you do not have no knowledge, nor is it that you do not have technology, but not your stupid, but you did not solve the trust two words.


in fact, for the two words of trust, I can cite a lot of examples. If that’s the case, I’m not sure how many people believe. I would like to talk about some of their own experiences and talk to everyone, so that we truly appreciate the importance of the two words.

first payment, after the delivery of the product you will buy it?

I used to open a Taobao shop, mainly selling some children’s toys. Before the sale is also good, but slowly, I found that a lot of customers received the goods that the toy is broken, or some other problems. In fact, these products are packaged, I did not open, and the products are plastic foam box packaging, very strong, courier will not be broken. I know that encountered a liar, some customers to buy after playing bad also came to me. Taobao sells toys is not really easy, in this case do not earn a penny, it wouldn’t cost nearly tens of dollars, plus courier fees, packaging fees 100 yuan. I’d rather not do this business.

later, I do not intend to sell toys in Taobao, and the loss of too much, it can not afford to hurt. After all, as long as I want to buy toys in the first payment, after delivery, do not buy I do not insist on. Since then, toy sales have been declining. A lot of customers asked me if I can deal with Taobao, I also know that users will only buy on Taobao will believe me, but I really have no way to go Taobao, decisively rejected. Although there are a lot of do not believe that iron, but there are still a part of the customer believe me, directly to my money to buy, I am very grateful to the trust of these friends.

online shopping, it can be said in the Taobao shopping more. Because everyone in the shopping, if not good, you can apply for a refund, so as not to be deceived. Furthermore, there are too many cheaters on the Internet, people also have a sense of security, which is good. Do not say others, even I also, to buy things online, you have to have a Taobao shop, if not I ignore, let me first hit more don’t think, this is why I did not on the network so long as the. If you want the user to play the first paragraph, after delivery, the most important thing is to allow users to trust you can,

the first payment, after the company do you choose


I go to the customer sites are Taobao, but some customers in the process of website vexatious. In Taobao transactions, as long as the user to apply for a refund, we will apply for success,


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