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Out of the wolf nest profit does not depend on the project Wangzhuan copy but must dig (a)

Internet novice veteran to the mining of gold in the Internet, but the Internet is not gold but everywhere trap, we can use this word search Wangzhuan liar nearly 10 million, included in the page, explain what this Wangzhuan trap too much, many owners are also entered or will enter Wangzhuan trap, because most of the owners have chosen to copy.

09 years when the auction can earn a lot of money, so a large number of owners to follow suit, now just search a popular word you will find a lot of auction sites, such as webmaster friends the most easy to search for the word SEO, you can now go to search, see if there is a bidding website. 12 years before the auction of friends may be able to earn money, but now is probably to do the bidding of Baidu investment, bidding crowd increases from the cost of bidding and bidding is to enhance the profit pressure, more often at a loss not only profit at all, this is the cost of copying mode.

Internet as a practitioner, want to walk out of the road in Wangzhuan, so the first point is to abandon the inherent thinking, abandon copy idea, abandon the investment ideas, Wangzhuan is not to say that you throw more can earn a lot of money, Wangzhuan also is not to say you will completely copy others model will be able to make money, it is not realistic, Wangzhuan need more people to study, to analyze, finally their own Wangzhuan Road, you should be very familiar with the word "pills", this word now is still very popular, but now the word is benefit is not good, because the predecessors to earn earn money, leave now these people even can make money only to make money selling labor, copying the project always is not likely to succeed.

has more Wangzhuan practitioners love to imitate others, most of the higher have a habit, every day to go to the forum to collect project information, ask others to share their own projects through the forum are required by others, personalized signature advertising, you go to imitate, what do you get, but three way:

1, do his line, just as he went to poor promotion.

2, on his project, and then make their own agents or poor to promotion.

3, imitating his project, the same thing, finally you will find your Wangzhuan road is still very long.

if you want to get out of these Wangzhuan trap, do real profit from Wangzhuan in then we will not be able to copy has been open project, because the project can be said to be unprofitable to the real profit in Wangzhuan in so we must take the initiative to mining, outline and planning, and then a step the step to implement and effective execution, only by this method can make your project not only by mining, but also can be implemented, the mining project of the higher — Planning – Implementation of three specific aspects of the talk: Wangzhuan from.


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