Make a plan to plan Wangzhuan people

do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan do easily, but it is not an easy thing to do; make a Wangzhuan person easy, do a successful Wangzhuan people but it is not easy. As we know to understand, Wang Tong, Wang Zijie, Shuangke and other predecessors, there are a large number of very low-key master, they are successful, or that they earn money, financial freedom, a lot of people just see their FengFengGuangGuang, but there is no reason to study the scenery, many people may think what time can I like scenery? Not think: how can I like them more than their scenery or FengFengGuangGuang

?When do we want to

, is looking for reasons, I IQ, I think their success lies in the management, will operate their own, understand the business Wangzhuan Road, because they are planning the man with the plan. They may be IQ higher than us, EQ than we are rich, but if a person indulge yourself, no goal, every day with the wind, it will not succeed! If you want to, if done, is to insist, planning their own life, their own career planning Wangzhuan


is not difficult to succeed to do Wangzhuan people is not difficult, but relatively dry stuffy. Because of the higher, you only need to follow the prescribed order can be done. Perhaps because of Wangzhuan simple, so many people feel boring, no challenge, but we wonder whether the dull day is the biggest challenge? Especially the grassroots people, often to computer, loneliness, circle of friends is not flat, this is the biggest killer of wangzhuan. Perhaps you feel bored today, look at the film, play games, but a look is a day, a play is a month, to the back, found that the money did not earn, after the confidence slowly disappeared. The difference between the rich and the poor have a lot of features, the rich buy time, take time for the money is poor, this is not despise the poor, I was poor, but many people do not understand this truth, or understand, feel no meaning, if what you really feel is to buy time. So, you are rich in thought. For the sake of our precious time, whether we should make a plan, whether it should be planned to do? The second past, will not come back, and the one hundred piece, also can earn one hundred or two hundred, this is the biggest difference between the time and money.

we do Wangzhuan for people, Should race against time, should do the masters of time, if you don’t succeed before, please do not indulge yourself. Planning, planning is not so difficult? In fact, not planning, is the general direction of the plan is the details. Planning, long-term goals, medium-term goals, short-term goals, can be said to be strategic; plan, there are also long-term, medium and short-term, this can be said to be tactical, because this is the specific arrangements for the operation. For example:

what are your long-term Wangzhuan goals? Now what is the


is the physical route or continue to network virtualization?

what to do today, what to do in the morning


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