Twelve trick forum website

We know that there are two prerequisites for advertising, first, people need the product, the quality of the product is better two. Publicity website is no exception, if your site is a number of free resources for production, or content is nothing new, it is best not to waste time here.

A and select the appropriate forum

two, choose a forum for navigation.

to publicity in many sites, you need to find a forum entrance. Here is a "China Forum navigation" web site, which has collected nearly 1000 popular forum website, and it is divided into 16 categories, not only very comprehensive, very convenient to use.

three, to have a ambiguity of the subject

four, content to be controversial

five, the retie by others

to create a popular post is not an easy thing. But we can find some of those reply rate is very high at the forum postings to other forums posted, and his signature in the post add publicity or added to their advertising campaign.

six, long hair

General Forum look stick is have no patience! Too long paste, no matter how attractive it is, very few people can read it! So be sure to grow short hair! How long short hair? Long short hair is not to ask you to shorten the paste as far as possible! But will a stick into paste, to keep abreast of the form! Like a TV series, multiple stickers! But remember not to exceed 7! And can be issued once again every other time, so that others have the desire to wait. Also can increase the popularity of the posts.


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