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KK Fu Sheng dialogue inspire Entrepreneurs how to get rid of the shadow of 3BAT

Kevin Kelly (Kevin, hereinafter referred to as KK) of the trip to China, I am very concerned about. In addition to like Starchaser photo, some interviews and dialogue I pay more attention to the KK China line, and has participated in one of only 20 people in a private conversation.

as an entrepreneur, I do not care about the future of KK learning (futurism) theory, I care more about some down to earth entrepreneurial thinking, for example, how to start-up companies looking for opportunities to companies and competition, how to face their own growth, especially in the Chinese 3BAT pattern, you know.

in the KK and CEO of Kingsoft Internet Fu Sheng in the dialogue, I got some inspiration, this dialogue is a rare KK down to earth, for a large number of cases, from the industrial revolution to the era of the Internet, Fu Sheng also said a lot of revolutionary history, especially their home products is estimated to China internet live in the most difficult the. Now combined with their own experience and understanding, I will be a little bit of inspiration to sort out.

1, how small companies challenge big companies?.

is the most inspiring point of view. KK said, low profits, the edge area is not reliable, the market is small, the risk is high, but these edge forces will become increasingly large, eventually subvert the entire industry.

KK told a lot of cases, from the nineteenth Century steam ship, to Honda’s subversion of GM, and then to IBM, Microsoft and Google. In my understanding, KK to two points: first, the more close to the center, large company resource deployment is more focused, more close to the edge, the more weak points; second, the center of tomorrow, will be produced in today’s edge.

Fu Sheng’s understanding of the more popular, he called it "differential competition", that is, to find a new division of labor". Fu Sheng told a case: Jinshan battery doctor, a typical example of the edge of subversion. This is a category of Jinshan creation, nobody attention, now iOS MAU (monthly active) do 30 million, Android do billions of users.

but I have a question: I’m sure to choose the edge, but how do you know if you choose today’s edge, will become the center of the future? Maybe it future more edges, or simply disappear, the scene is very want to ask KK, but no chance.

2, how to get rid of the 3BAT center of the shadow of the old and new systems.

Chinese Internet has been in the shadow of the giants, the first three portals, and later BAT, now 3BAT. It seems to be entrepreneurs not open around the mountains, and the industry has been trying to promote the platform enterprises more open to entrepreneurs, some way out. But the question is, entrepreneurs own mentality?

KK has guidance on this point, his point of view is to adapt to the center, although the efficiency will be low, even chaos, out of control


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