Single page Taobao guest new way out

Taobao money off now Amoy money mode is like a raging fire, in mature and developing continuously, familiar with Taobao customers should be on the single page mode is not strange, because of the numerous advantages of single page, resulting in many Taobao customers.

single page mode is the combination of the long tail keywords and top-level domain name, which is the choice of long tail keywords can be said to be the essence of it, it can be said that the election of the long tail keywords on the success of 80%. So if you want to find a new way out and opportunities in a single page Taobao guest mode, you need to do in the long tail keywords.


is now the mainstream of long tail keywords" mainly refers to single products, like fierce competition slimming series, freckle whitening series, etc.. However, these high commission products have also been faced with the depletion of long tail keywords, which requires us to continue to develop new high commission products, or to find a new long tail keywords.


crisis is always accompanied by opportunities to promote the development of single products, the birth of a large number of long tail keywords single product, such as the "s" "LVSHOU" and "Spirulina diet" and other popular single product, I believe that this is a new way. In fact, this can also continue to extend to a single shop, a single seller promotion. For example, the promotion of brand businesses, or crown hot shops, are a good choice.

In fact,

said that the direct is to continue to carry out a more in-depth excavation of the long tail keywords, in addition to the horizontal excavation of a series of products, but also to the vertical excavation of a single product, a single brand, a single store. From API to promote a single series of products, and then to the development of a single product, but also in line with the trend of the Internet market segments. So we do not always worry about Taobao guest Taobao has become the Red Sea, in fact, the end of the Red Sea is also the beginning of blue ocean.

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