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A ten year old entrepreneur’s advice where are you coming from

recent media frequently reported: the national each big city industrial and commercial registration in long queues, overcrowded; online and offline to many of my friends are on the topic of business. You may be surprised: overnight, as if not to talk business on the out! Yes, even Prime Minister Li Keqiang in NPC and CPPCC during advocating reform, support for small and micro entrepreneurs; this state has adopted a series of policies to support and encourage entrepreneurship, such as the new company registered capital, from zero capital verification report, a number of registered address the company, business tax concessions, students can apply for a maximum of 100 thousand yuan subsidy policy…

so China’s 2014, is worthy of the first year of entrepreneurship, do not work on entrepreneurship. Objectively speaking, entrepreneurship is the most efficient path to realize the value of life, how to change from the nouveau riche grass root Xun, let us start


but in real life, there are a lot of friends asked me: "Chen, I also want to start a business, but it is not the first step, in the end how to do it?"

when faced with such a topic, I can not help but recall the 2003, I resigned venture in Guangzhou scene: when I was a large beverage group advertising director, annual salary of about about one hundred thousand; income is steady, but always feel a large group of things a N follow the prescribed order, plan approval, numerous aspects and inefficient work the atmosphere and lack of vitality; these often make me depressed, heart echoed a strong voice: This is not my life! In this way, my passion will be depleted of


then unsuspectingly, despite family opposition, resolutely submitted his resignation, with savings of 15000 yuan, started were "tall" outdoor shop business, 12 square foot store in the mall, the most obscure corner, in order to attract attention, I will move to pine Pijiajin shop belonging to the outside, spotlights, named "field" I serve outdoor art, boss, manager, purchasing, warehouse, promotion and training; the clerk is my wife and sister-in-law; although after 2 months of cold business period, but because of the unique style, excellent quality, service enthusiasm, the store gradually on the right track, back up because of the outdoor; at the time of the products high added value, the price is generally in the 800~1500 yuan, the year to achieve more than 80 thousand of the profits, although I work less, but now, I feel warm, Bi It is the crystallization of hard work and personal entrepreneurship……

first year has second years of operating experience, I opened 3 new stores, third registered trademarks, fourth years plant generation, fifth years of the development of the country to do wholesale agents, sales amounted to tens of millions of…….. this is from 15 thousand yuan to tens of millions of history.


I walk the road, look back just now, so when a friend to me, I often ask: "what do you think is the most important factor in the first venture?" many people told me: "is the first capital of second teams, plus third is experience, these answers are not wrong, but I want to tell.


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