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The original manuscript of knowledge DC theft rampant, large website connivance

      nearly 2 years, because of the development prospects of IDC positive, the major domestic IDC operators active in all kinds of network media, will own the company’s products have the best publicity, to attract more people to pay attention.

      among them, there are a lot of IDC service provider’s original domain name host knowledge of the manuscript, indeed for many companies and individuals to increase the purchase experience. However, because of the original reading of the collection, but by others without theft, posted on other forums, BLOG. Some immoral or even the original copy, only changed the company name, directly contribute to some large IT website, in order to promote the profit; some of the articles will delete the contents of some hobby collectors, themselves, built their own articles column.
      it is very disrespectful to the author of hard work. Although the original article of the IDC service providers in order to get the attention of others, but after all, it is time to spend the labor. Of course, we all want a good article by other readers appreciate, but also in turn is famous, from where is written by who, or keep the integrity of the content, permission to work by adding or deleting content. Otherwise, take others hard crystallization for himself is not moral, strongly condemn such acts.

      at the same time, also hope that some large IT sites do not because they are advertisers but they have to steal other articles published on their website, this is not responsible for their own website.


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