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Farewell to the Ali Mama, a new way of Wangzhuan Google

Hello everyone, for the first time published articles in Admin5, a little excited. This will bring a new online mode, which is different from the past to earn commissions by clicking the network advertisement, of course I’m not union. We present is embedded into the inside pages of the mini B2C mall, you will have a two round one of the website. (is not a bit too ~ ~ ~ ~ ~)

for me, the purpose of the station is how to combine their interests and money. What do the website money? Should be B2C, we from suppliers get lower price to our customers, including profits, doing mall or Taobao know, very impressive, but the mall traffic is difficult to make up, because of too strong. Depending on the flow of good sites, such as entertainment station movie station, it is difficult to translate into so much value, in short, is very difficult.

at present, most of the webmaster, Ali’s mother, Google, Baidu, or their alliance is rich, more traditional, it is important for us to choose so much. Ali mother said to give us the majority of owners, finally a piece of paper. As for the people around me, advertising is not good, this is the truth. Technology fee Ali Mama, abnormal website title, Baidu deduction amount known, but many people have been doing their advertising. Google word of mouth is very good we also recognize. Is there anything else we can do? Do you feel bored, but there is no way?.

you have not thought about, if your advertising there is no longer their online advertising, but a beautiful mini electronic mall, your products and your theme, all purchases in your site, you don’t have to worry about the traffic. The commission calculation is this: there are three sum of 1 registered users, a 0.5 yuan, after the registration of the purchase of 1.5 yuan (all purchases must be registered) 2 of the transaction amount 5% (tentative) 3 premium, you get the lowest offer guarantee, you can follow your ideas, determine the price. Technically, we can see the whole process, you do not have to worry about the registration of the purchase of users.

I just hastily said about thinking, this product immediately available, our shopping website called pie, details, or the interested owners can find I talk about, we are most concerned about problems or operational problems can, welcome you to inquire, I have been wandering in ADMIN5 and have feelings, so take this as the first propaganda station, you will see more and more comprehensive publicity. QQ765172633 I think it will be a new choice for the majority of the webmaster.


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