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nnovative advertising to make up for market imperfections

Success always belongs to the market pioneer, to be successful, will be the first to eat crab people. The future belongs to the era of creativity. Innovative advertising model is not only the needs of the market, but also the needs of the audience. Market cake should not always be a person’s cake, and innovative advertising model, just to make up for the shortcomings of the market.

Focus Media successfully listed, it is because it captures key time, when most needed in the market, the courage to take the first move, so it set foot on the ladder of success.

produced a large number of similar products (business) also appeared in several media only, let the audience to accept advertising information into a cursory practical effect – media advertising. Internet advertising is more independent of the audience, they have the right to choose whether to click or watch the ad. If it is always in the form of advertising in the face of the audience, will inevitably be tired of them, the effect of advertising will be out of the question.

dare to be the first person to eat crab, does not mean that it eventually achieved success. According to the changes in the market situation, innovation. Close to people’s lives is the most cost-effective advertising, the most effective, because this kind of advertising for people, is no longer passive, but active, voluntary look.


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