Gossip a blog is actually a financial plan

blog in my opinion as to money, a blog is not of course just to make money, in China, most people blog purely in order to express the thoughts and feelings of vent entertainment, few people have to look at the blog as money, do not even know the blog can actually be used to make money. When the blog to Wangzhuan ranks, everyone knows that the blog can make money, do a monthly full-time blogging can solve the living security, don’t even have to go to work every day to sit at home and write a blog are basic necessities of life is enough. Of course, to write a blog to have their own ideas and opinions, to produce practical value to others, then your blog will be favored, will be recommended by the blog site. For example: you are more interested in the stock, can give a unique view, once your blog is recommended, then your blog will be huge. Every day tens of thousands is not a problem. It will be a good income if you turn this interview into money. So keep this kind of blog is not the average person can do, if you can’t write, if you do not have any culture, so it is difficult to make money blog


actually otherwise, just pull a little bit of money to make money on the blog view. In fact, with a blog site to stand is the same reason, to make money on the site or through the network of friends make money most of the site to understand, blog is popular, popularity is the flow and flow, it is money! What is the flow, back flow is the popular words. Seemingly nonsense words, that 10 people have nine people to understand what they mean, the reason is very simple, but there are still people who really don’t understand why this truth is money flow. If you have a daily visit to reach more than 1000 of the blog, then I dare say you can make good use of the blog to make money, as to how much money, how do you see. How to make money, it depends on your own, and now, the blog advertising, blog to do Taobao guest, the blog to sell advertising, are profitable. Of course, the flow of blogs with the site’s traffic, is not so easy to engage in. So since you know the traffic is not good, then why not do it in a planned way.

if you want to use blog to make money now, if you haven’t blog, fly to suggest that from now make money blogging plan, do the blog is no longer a plan to make money, what all don’t understand, a blog that their pursuit of network trend, to be cool, I also want to have a family blog blog. The purpose is too simple. If the blog for you to make money, so now he raised 10 professional blog (see how much personal time and ability), you may say, I won’t write ah, don’t write articles also never mind, then we can copy others ah, but first do blog "professional" for example: if you plan to do about the female guest Taobao cosmetics, clothing and other promotion, so now you can build 10 women on the class blog, blog every day to collect some women on the class of popular articles, as long as the basic necessities of life and so on, and women can keep off, you can update the blog daily, every day.


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