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Web site is really so difficult to make money

recently read a tutorial is a Wangzhuan tutorial. I believe that the Internet will make money now people know rice. This person really smart, not flattering, I do not know him, I saw his tutorial, why some people say he is installed, some people say his silly * *. I don’t understand, so I read his tutorial yesterday, and I feel that those people are jealous of him. Do not look at the brothers do not still egg ah.

his tutorial inside, made a game. Take 100 quick money out, looking for someone to change $50. Why hesitate. For me to go up and change. Ha-ha。 He is to teach everyone to see the opportunity to make money, it is necessary to try immediately. Why don’t you go? What are you waiting for?. Wait until someone else does what you do. That time has been missed.

this article is to say that the site to make money, I heard some webmaster said: why do you stand?. Are worried about being Baidu down right. A little afraid of what. In fact, I think, do stand. Can be said to be interested, but can also be used when the industry to do. You have to pay a return. Baidu’s collection is certainly important, but it is not necessary to think every day Baidu included. I remember when I used to stand, I did it every time. Baidu is normal, but I never care about the Baidu included. Just make a stand, you have to think of ways to make this station to make money, not to find ways to make this station included. Baidu’s collection is sure, care is the time, of course, know little SEO is not much. But in this time, why not try to make their own stand to make money. Advertising cheating is common. 80% of the owners have cheated, but also believe that cheating is a good place to make money, although not long, but you have no money to develop your station is sure you do not last long. Here I teach you some sites to make money, although it is old, but practical. Not good to look at pointing.

1, SP (SMS alliance), most of these is equivalent to seduce the advertising, advertising fraud. If you are honest. You can not do it, but you do not earn this money, there are others earn. If you really do not have the time to try. Make a point to seduce page, put on the union code, to do some porn navigation on the alliance. Or you can go out the window advertising. So down, if you stand 10000 traffic every day, I believe you can earn hundreds of dollars a day

2, advertising cheat. This is very simple. Which is not cheating, see if you cheat, will be the Development League title. Personally recommend that you use the software, recharge money every day, automatically click settings, antecedents, setting down a station every day was famous to earn a few. The success of a copy, and earn more than a day, and a copy of “““

3, CPA guide advertising. I think the best thing to do is to download and install the ad, in fact, this ad is still very easy to do, you do not find a big limit, as long as the installation of money. So you put the code into the download site download page to download the address blur. Trust your collection


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