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Make money can not rely on brute force to Taobao some suggestions

with Taobao Taobao customer plan released online, a large number of idle staff to divide the tempting fast look big cake, the community forum, Taobao is everywhere, they put Taobao products on the link hung everywhere, as if the entire Internet Mall is the same. Taobao has really reached the purpose of the original Taobao, but also greatly hindered the exchange of everyone. This also led to a lot of communities, forums began to block this information.

well, the plan is not a Taobao made sin, but he had this plan with rotten, do not know when they have not thought about the promotion, when we did not desire to buy, and see the commodity information, everyone is very disgusted, but even if you want to buy something. Simply put a picture of the product and the links posted to the forums or community, and the visitors want to buy clothes, and posted a women’s wear, which leads to the contradiction of supply, so with the thigh think, this promotion is how ridiculous, one to two months and no income it is normal. Finally, even if the white Taobao advertise.

later some people saw the drawbacks, Taobao began to organize some of the more popular products information, or to the word or other documents, to provide you with the download, use some relatively strong temptation to attract users to download this title, with the above simple pictures link already is not into the lot. The fact that this is to have some effect, because from their income statements, a good time each month, their income will also have a sanwubo. So we can see that there is no lack of such a large file sharing in the happy network group. But everyone knows that all the top post, upload, post is how mechanical, how different from migrant workers live, also do not like to play the happy farm to the senior.

at a higher level, that is, the self built website, and then all of Taobao’s products are classified, and then made a website. This amount of information they file first, than simply to a large number of them or you can call the Taobao interface, or you can grab data from Taobao, which makes Taobao can have to found on their website can be found through classification or search. In fact, I feel that although this approach is more advanced, but it is still difficult to promote. First of all, by the Taobao brand there, a lot of people are more inclined to direct Taobao, there is a lot of users are afraid of such a site is a phishing site, dare not trade on such sites. But it is so good to do site, such as the recent online once popular Taobao network, now do they seem to have no time to pick a month, Alexa global ranking in 200 thousand, although not too high, but I do feel this kind of website, to achieve this level has been good, but also increase the website traffic is still. But this is just an example, I do not know how many such sites down.



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