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Sun Tzu and the network we can learn from what the truth

Sun Tzu enjoys "canon" reputation, great wisdom it spread all over the world, and respected by humans. The book has been translated into English, Russian, German, Japan and other 29 languages, there are thousands of Sun Tzu through the whole world, also occupies an important position in the world military history. Sun Tzu is a Japanese businessman Desk Book; during the 1991 Gulf War, the warring parties have studied the art of war, from its military thought to guide the war.

Sun Tzu raised at the beginning, when the country event of the death, the survival of the road, can not be ignored. Point out the importance of war. This sentence can be rewritten to make money, the survival of the individual, can not be ignored. Beginning this Miaosuan thought in text. Who is not a war Temple winner may also be more; before doing battle is not a winner, is also much less; wins, fewer extremely, even no calculation at all! The explanation is very simple, before the war, must be at the top of the temple, planning calculation, calculation of the plan more chance the greater the plan; the less calculation, the chance of success is not a plan; calculate in advance, will fail. For higher, you must also make precise planning, should consider all aspects, for example, choose what advertising, it is CPA or CPS; what kind of website for the completion of the advertisement, and the stable earn advertising fees, and the coalition will not K; how to get the flow. Is to engage in propaganda of chain, get the free traffic, or to buy Media buy and search for these paid traffic. The Wangzhuan are plan to make money on the network have a greater chance of.

art of war second, it is not known as combat report of war victims, cannot make known in the interest of. The idea for those who want to pay through the purchase of traffic to make money is very useful friend, though you know that search engine and Media buy these paid traffic effect of irremediable, make money faster than the free flow much faster. That is, if the operation will lose a lot of advertising costs, such as the search for the long tail keywords, it is easy to eat a large number of advertising costs, but will not bring you any sales. So, we must pay attention to the harm of paid traffic, in order to know the benefits of paid traffic.

art of war to attack him, fighting in the whole world, so soldier meal and profit, this method also seek to attack. So the army attack plan, followed by cross cutting, followed by cutting soldiers under siege. The method of seeking attack is not to hurt but can maximize the interests of. Some of the hype on the network, almost no need to spend any cost, but you can bring a lot of benefits. Fengjie, Sister Lotus is a simple example of a video recording, she does not need what cost, but can fry their very "fire", it is said that the "fire" can bring their appearance fees of 6 digit. In general they are higher, higher.

traffic that is the truth of money, make Wangzhuan friends are clear. Here is a way to get traffic in the past to get the case, now the biggest dating platform should be >


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