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Huang Zhongren talk about a few do station feelings and experiences

grassroots web site has been for many years, has not insisted on doing a decent website. Continued to buy a lot of domain name, also changed a lot of host. Google has been doing before 2008, when the madness is not in. Today, Amoy website like a chicken, let the grassroots webmaster and saw a glimmer of hope. Look at alimama billboard, those envious master income, can not help but feel a little excited. But look at people eating tofu teeth fast, their practice is another experience.

When do station

, I didn’t use the API TOP program, but with their SEO experience to do a few special keywords station. Practice has proved that after a period of time and effort has been a little success, the best results of the day with 18 income, which is only a single page effect. But I did not say that, because this is not a very popular keywords, so few people infiltration. Moreover, I chose the key words of the Commission is not so high, so even with a 18 income, get the Commission is also a little poor. So the first thing I want to say is that if you want to make a single page through SEO to achieve revenue, it is best to choose a high commission products. However, the late entry, high commission key products have long been looted. If you want to succeed, you have to constantly look for the best combination of these two points.

when the pay and output proportion, I began to do a hollowed out on the other station. Look at their master’s income is envious, I want to continue to create their own miracle. But the number and the adjustment is too frequent, so continue to change procedures. As a result, it can be imagined that the income is basically zero, but the body is getting thinner and thinner. Later, he carefully thought for a long time, perhaps should get down to do a decent station. Don’t be too utilitarian, not be impetuous temptation to interfere their own ideas. And during this time, and other friends also talked about some experience. Use the page but rely on search engines to do the station is a very dangerous thing, is tantamount to all of the egg are placed in the one basket, the basket once falling on the ground, all the egg will be over, this is probably second of my experience.

that one of the most important experience is: to stick to it, can not be too utilitarian. As long as the pay, but also hard, and eventually there will be harvest. The success of others is not picked up, are to pay their own time and energy, which are called efforts. Right now, I began to imitate a very familiar with the station, (to take a look at it: Beauty skin care network), so that the content and Taobao customers do together, will be a good model. But everything is not as simple as imagined, this beauty something a few man can master? So do such station to pay more efforts will. Every day I will read some blogs, and then collect some similar articles, and then began to mix, so a good article can be released. Do not look down on such a process, in fact, do it


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