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WeChat’s entrepreneurial journey WeChat’s eight business roles

today to Shenzhen to attend a business forum on WeChat, including some classic WeChat business case, the way back to Xiamen I thought under the arrangement, to discuss WeChat to start from the following three aspects, I hope to inspire everyone in WeChat entrepreneurial ideas.

what is the role of WeChat’s current venture


entrepreneurs should choose what direction to venture?

what are the cases now?


application platformThe concept of

light application: application of light and there is no need to download, which found that the full function App, is comparable to or even beyond the native app user experience, but also have the characteristics of intelligent distribution can be retrieved with webapp, will effectively solve the high-quality applications and services and mobile users demand docking problem.

on < < light applications, Web App, Native App three what is the difference? > > (91 operating network public yunying-91 reply No. 30) reference access.

WeChat service number play a lot of role is the role of light, that is, the original native app to the original function of the WeChat side to achieve. For example, drops taxi software, we can either download the app to complete a taxi, you can also focus on the end of the WeChat taxi service by the number of drops to complete a taxi.

: a future entrepreneurial thinking WeChat will open up a lot of development interface, for entrepreneurs, can choose to use a service number, use the native app product ideas, in the end of WeChat, with WeChat users accumulate fans to realize their dreams.

application tools, life services, games, query, recruitment, marriage, legal services, education and training, this classic case of Pod Inn, attractions discount tickets, hotel reservation and other light application.

A case of

(Tourism): attractions tickets WeChat application based on the user to send location information, return the user "peripheral" discount attractions information, and complete the booking process all embedded in the HTML5 page, the user only needs to fill in the booking, tickets and other simple people the information to be submitted. Moreover, the launch of the HTML5 page and intelligent mobile phone platform on native App "a travel guide – AR" is exactly the same, so, for any modification of the background can be rapid response to the application of the above App and the WeChat page, the subsequent maintenance provides great convenience.

case two (marriage): "love" is actually a marriage website, currently has about 200000 registered members. Different from the simple based on the location of the friends of the application of "blind", "love" to return to the opposite sex is a member of the marriage site, there is a real need for love and marriage. "Love" WeChat public light


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