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Talk about how to make use of the Taobao World Cup products around the world to make money

has not been how to share the experience, the rise of today. How to make use of the world cup. Personal opinion, for reference only.

experienced people know, whether it is a festival or event which will contain a huge business opportunities. For the seller is an opportunity for us, of course, also a good opportunity for Taobao ten. Now I only take the world cup as an example.

first of all we want to clear what products to promote the world cup, it is easy to think of the World Cup football, jerseys, theme T-shirts, there are many products related to the world cup, here is not an example. As early as last year, I began to increase the world cup surrounding products, and have a good ranking. For example, with the World Cup World Cup mascot Zakumi, badge now the search has a good ranking. Make money is certainly not enough, after thinking I wrote an article called "the 2010 South Africa World Cup theme T-shirt brand shop online shopping" article, Baidu search "2010 South Africa World Cup theme T-shirt" or "South Africa World Cup theme T-shirt" or "World Cup theme T-shirt" can be in the first or the first few page. So on the search engine and has a very good flow. At the same time, this article has been reproduced by a well-known forum administrator.

on how to get a good ranking from the search engine, I am definitely not an expert, not to say. Depending on the site may not have a good ranking. Whether or not there is a number of rankings, then we will be in the blog, the forum published the article or related articles. Some well-known forum weight is very high we all know, but what is the direct advertising is also clear after all. How hair will not be sealed, is to send pictures or so-called soft. Skills or their own pondering, or that sentence, I am definitely not an expert.

next talk about Baidu know, the reason why the individual out of the lecturer in order to emphasize the importance of Baidu know. I don’t know if other people have done any research. Search the World Cup theme T-shirt, you will find the first in the Baidu know. A lot of time Baidu know will be ranked first. Seize this opportunity will bring a lot of traffic.

finally talk about Weibo, micro-blog’s marketing value is difficult to imagine. Go to the next Sina scarf, search can search to "Amoy arena" and "1688 wholesale" have a lot of fans. Imagine how each Alibaba staff will be opened micro effect. There are some brands such as a flower brand, fans have reached tens of thousands. For example, to take the world cup, you can do the product placement or release some of the world cup special activities (free gifts and the like), it will not cause resentment. Micro-blog is the best place for network marketing, implantable advertising, customer service and brand awareness. Maybe you can apply for a scarf, ready to do for the future.

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