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A food and beverage boss readme O2O flicker in the past few years

from the sale of coupons to buy, membership, and then to today’s rational marketing". A 15 years in the catering industry practitioners, in a variety of bloody lessons, that many Internet companies and cooperation "the sacred rules of the religious order". Look at his story.

I am a restaurant in the catering industry veteran, has more than 15 years, from the clerk, manager, operations, planning, marketing, until their own business, now also have small achievements. The most impressive is the Internet circle, feeling confused, it is easy to learn. Now I share my experience with you.

coupon ceiling

I officially contacted the Internet about 2006. At that time, there was a public comment coupon business, which may be the most early catering Internet marketing.

at that time I was in a chain store operations, review of the salesman found me. I think this is quite new, so soon signed the contract began to try. In the first two years, it really did bring us a lot of guests by downloading coupons.

from the beginning of 2009, the effect continues to decline, it seems a lot of browsing, the actual use of the low rate of poor store. Public comment coupons is actually an advertising platform, only concerned about the amount of hits, not responsible for the results. Finally, it bring a guest, the average cost of advertising, plus I in order to pay the cost of preferential soliciting, an average of 200 yuan. We eat a normal meal is fifty or sixty per capita, which pulled a new guest to pay the cost of $200 is clearly not worth it. Moreover, we are in the field of stores, smaller effect comment, because the comments in a lot of two or three line area barely operating station.

I also found a problem, the customer came to dinner, first asked the waiter, what is your preference? "" Oh, sir, we have, you can go to the public comment to download coupons, when the meal can be reduced 30." Take it, the hand of 30 yuan so lost. But if the waiter is silent until the customer found, will say that this restaurant is not authentic. This time when the meal reduced by 30, customers get a discount, the next meal if you do not reduce the number of 30, they may not come. This is the "customer is spoiled"


Ding Ding discount also find me talked about, this vendor is more ruthless, so that each store in the store to put their terminal verification, he said, this can be paid by the effect. Well, the waiter basically does not have the consciousness to take this tool to play. You give me today to put a terminal, and then come back tomorrow to give me a review, the front desk has become a vendor equipment showcase. I think this idea is not reliable, it did not continue to talk about.

that period of time, coupons are particularly large, subway, shopping malls can be seen everywhere in the city of Victoria, a group of young people around there coupons. In fact, I was with the city dimensional network also had a period of cooperation, but when the smart mobile phone is greatly popular, this paper coupons sell gradually sound.


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