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Chen Hua how to sing about traffic tips on millions of users

sing it last May 31st on the line, and now every day millions of users of the activity, the total number of users is about to break billion. Today, if I want to be able to produce a trend of explosive growth in the mobile Internet, it is hard to get. First of all, the demand for KTV is not created by singing, but in real life, it exists, and the coverage of the crowd is wide enough. But our main user is still 20 years old fashion crowd.

, that is to say, sing the lock is a range of needs of hundreds of millions of users in the market, the demand had not been satisfied. A lot of people like to sing, nothing to sing on their own, but the opportunity to go to KTV is very small. We put it on the phone, these users will naturally come.

sing it has three types of user groups. One is really sing it as a KTV user, bring their own play, which is to sing the vast majority of user groups. Another is that I sing well, want to sing to become a star. They are Master users, have very strong desire for fame, have a strong incentive to join relatives and friends everywhere pull, want someone to pay attention to him. The third is when I sing to play, I found that some people are singing very well, I just like him, willing to become his fans. They are similar to "Super Girls" fans, very enthusiastic, hoping that his idol achievement, will put people around to sing to. These three groups constitute a very solid foundation to sing, to promote the realization of the spread of the self, this communication does not need me to pay too much price.

first do tools, do community

mobile Internet screen is very small, when we sing in the design of Logo and Slogan, think the most is how to allow the user to open the mobile phone with hundreds of icons, remember you not remember the icon itself should be eye-catching enough?. For example, we found a characteristic red and white is very effective. The original news client is blue, and then they found a blue icon in the mobile phone screen is basically ignored, it finally put the whole color are changed into red, white, is the hope that the user to open the mobile phone will be able to find this icon.

sing the Slogan is also more interesting, we hope that users will soon be able to remember it. Because everyone in the installation of mobile applications, the first thought is the function, such as calculators, flashlights, etc., rather than the community. I would like to sing it as a function of the phone, your cell phone can not sing?. So our Slogan is the "KTV" in your phone, which makes it a little lower.

in addition, whether the website or App, many people love to all the needs of users are added. In fact, a good function to achieve the ultimate, the important features can not do. After finishing singing it, many people say that can not do a few functions, I said no, I put a function to achieve the ultimate, you can circle enough users


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