Simple 4 steps to make your income doubled

Asian Union, the referral fee is a male member $0.1, female member $0.2.

details can be seen here:

look at the amount of fat is a poor, but in fact, do not have a few people to do a lot of success, a lot of webmasters are very distressed, why I PV very high, do GG Adsense a day dozens of knives, can be linked to Asia, even ten knife is not up to.

This is actually

and customer conversion rate are closely related. For example, a steel sales commercial station, hung sub pay, you will go to the point? Even click are not registered and not to mention money. So, how to improve the conversion rate of



break the normal procedure

a lot of low income owners, because it is too rigid to sub block code cross collar directly to the web site. The registration is based on sub links, no fixed code, which means that we can diy. also means that we have the possibility of cheating, this will be referred to below.

2 to arrange a good location for Asia, the ideal position of the first screen (the first page of the browser to see the scope of the) left side. Upper right is a lower degree of concern, is not recommended to put.

3 production belongs to your site

as far as possible to meet your site’s theme, such as entertainment, can write: " shocking! XXX celebrity in the sub network of ". Then followed; sub AC link.

4 cheat

for cheating, I want to say two things. One, more thinking, no system is perfect, sub pay is cheating, and very simple. I will not say, but closed up faster, so suggest the webmaster or honestly do stand, honest money.


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