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Online dating Naomeng Shouyang investment risk

The newspaper news (reporter Li Lei) was "Jiayuan" website fame "Helen of Troy", unexpectedly found that many venture capitalists have come, hope to cooperate with her. Not just from the attention of venture capitalists, dating sites have been Xianshanloushui huge business opportunities. According to the latest survey by the third party survey agency iResearch released yesterday showed that there are seven adults willing to pay for online dating.

so, the user is willing to pay much for the other half pay? According to the introduction, in as many as 70% who are willing to pay, 29.5% of users are willing to come up with a monthly 10 yuan amount, 18.8% of people are willing to come up with 10 yuan to 30 yuan, 11.1% of users are willing to pay 30 yuan to 50 yuan; 7.7% of users are willing to pay 50 yuan to 100 yuan, 2.3% more users are willing to fund the super over 100 yuan. In fact, China’s Internet dating industry has entered the development period revealed clues. As the lily network at the beginning of the establishment of 1 years has attracted nearly 5 million registered users, Jiayuan newly registered members from the original every day dozens of people to the present day five thousand. It is understood that China’s marriage as the theme of dating sites, although the initial stage, but the rapid development. Data show that in 2004 the national online marriage


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