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Baidu search promotion commodity shop who can champion ah

today, Baidu has officially launched October 28th from about a month and a half, we know in Baidu space, and other places are also see ah promotions recommended, 2 yuan purchase, purchase a weekend, ah clubs are all introduced in addition to these, wildly beating gongs and drums, I want to say is: you notice search more specific goods at Baidu, is not always being guided to the "ah"



Baidu finally began to have the goods recommended to the user, although this time from ah line is not long, for our users, ah commodity is good, worthy of trust, I would like to take a long time to prove, however, there is a problem is to take out the discussion that is, who ah shop can be routed to the first page of Baidu search


in fact, for the above problem, Baidu has given us some of the answers, the big guy often search for specific goods, at a glance, the key is: A, I entered the store page ah, did not feel good, because these shops are basically not what transactions; two and if I were a commodity with the seller, there are a lot of people who sell goods can be routed to the Baidu search on the first page of


, wait.


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