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Mobile phone KTV grassroots style popular sing it by the wind to make the boat

sings on the surface just to move the KTV to the phone, but its core value is closely linked with the social network after the interaction model.


sing founder Chen Hua said, the trick is to sing it closely with all social networks, and then achieve viral.

sing how much fire?

casually ask a few people around you, you will find that everyone is talking about singing it; just open a micro-blog, grassroots have been crazy to upload their own songs recorded by singing. Not only that, many stars have become fans sing come in a throng. Han Hong changed the style of music, sing it with recorded more tracks. Hu Haiquan’s "love" on the line to sing it, and unyielding partner Chen Yufan sing this song recorded, even beat everyone in the country". To this end, Chen Yufan is pleased with oneself and asked Hu Haiquan, asked: "you this all in


from 2005 to 2011 was founded Cool News Network, the Amoy network, Chen Hua behind every smug, but slightly pale. This time, sing the red burst seems to finally be able to let Chen Hua hanging heart a little flat. In his eyes, this time only to find the right entry point, when everyone needs such a product, we do a product."

sing it does not register function, the user must use third parties to share accounts, such as Tencent micro-blog, micro-blog, WeChat, Sina, QQ, etc.. Chen Hua told reporters, sing on the surface just to move to the phone KTV, but the core value is not so simple. Our know-how is closely together with all the social networks that sing any song on it, can be in any social network to share, thus easier to achieve viral."

collaboration with social networking

meet the three rigid demand

if simply move the KTV to the phone, can not produce explosive growth."

in the eyes of Chen Hua, and social networking cooperation, is a win-win combination. On the one hand, sing it can achieve "viral", on the other hand, to cooperate with the social network, they produced a large number of high quality content from the original sing, active in the social network users who have nothing to say, is a useful supplement to the.

, for example, a mediocre performance in the beauty of micro-blog, through the eye-catching performance on the singing, will win the attention of many fans, resulting in a new value.

"this cooperation with the social network, but also to make our position very comfortable." Chen Hua thought he had found the right path.

use mobile phones to achieve the function of KTV just sing it to meet the public’s rigid


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