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nvestment tide inventory Baidu Department of entrepreneurs in the past life

Baidu is a pioneer in the field of the Internet was born in the early days of the company, Baidu entrepreneurship can be roughly divided into two stages. The first stage is related to the search technology, such as the search for life love to help network, make travel search kuxun, do koowo lyrics search, video search for thunder. The second phase of entrepreneurs are involved in the field of e-commerce, but also more or less with a search gene.

, according to incomplete statistics, the founder or founding team members from the business department of Baidu company 26, covering the Internet video, online education, e-commerce, local life services, mobile Internet community, finance and other fields. Local life services, e-commerce, Internet banking is the most concentrated areas of entrepreneurs. Please refer to the following figure.


, thunder network

founder introduced

Cheng Hao worked in Baidu, joined the search team, responsible for product, operation, sales, service level, the original Baidu enterprise software division senior technical manager. Currently serves as president of thunder. Mr. Cheng Hao received a master’s degree in computer science from Duke University in 1999. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree in mathematics from Nankai University in 1997, and Mr. Zou Shenglong was an alumnus of Duke University.


Xunlei Network Technology Ltd was founded in Shenzhen in 2003, leading to the cloud acceleration technology and products provide computing services to large capacity data transmission based on cloud entertainment for users, to help users quickly get digital content on multiple terminals, data transmission so as to promote the Internet era accelerated. As of March 31, 2014, the thunder has more than 6 billion 300 million of the digital multimedia file index, through intelligent computing to achieve the maximum acceleration of content optimization. Until March 2014, the thunder cloud acceleration of 142 million monthly active users, monthly unique visitors is about 204 million, in the cloud to accelerate market share of products and services reached 84.1%, has grown to Chinese the widest coverage, most users of cloud computing services.

on the evening of June 24th, Limited (Xunlei) in the U.S. Nasdaq Stock Exchange listing, stock code XNET, listed on the first day to close at $14.9, compared with the issue price of $12 rose by 24.17%. The thunder day opening price of $14.21 per share, up 18.4% over the issue price, all day long stable stock prices, the lowest dropping $14.20, up $15.55. According to the first day closing price, the market capitalization of $951 million thunder.

financing process


two, see net

founder introduced

Duan Hui, 97, admitted to the Department of computer science, after graduating from college to join Baidu, in 2003 when he left Baidu >


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