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What kind of personal website is easy to get investment!!

the current domestic all kinds of personal web site to bloom, almost any form can be thought and creativity have been excavated on behalf of the.

but a good overview of the development of the network form, but there are more and more personal sites and sites because of the problem of funding unlimited business opportunities but powerless, many owners have a hero

useless situation.

so what kind of personal website to get venture capital, angel investment favor?

I think there should be the following:
1 positioning accuracy, subdivision industry. Don’t big and full, but big and scattered. Monograph in a field, do the first three, the best one, so the opportunity is much larger!

2 traffic to be stable, steady forward.
should do website update, improvement and promotion, step by step.


3 can have enough profit points.

4 site is best to have their own technology and procedures.
free code too much, there are a variety of security risks, not suitable for long-term development.

5 had better have a small team.


, of course, there are many factors, because the author of the time relationship, later on.
summary is not necessarily right, welcome to discuss.

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