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recently, online advertising trading platform Ali mother of beta, registered members to look at a look, found that the type of Internet advertising is very suitable to small and medium-sized enterprise network advertisement psychological needs of advertising are classified in detail, form of advertising is diversity, charging mode is also more flexible, price it is also relatively low, small and medium enterprises in line with expectations of low input and high return psychological needs (currently just reached the limit, but the specific psychological needs of the actual effect is now in the beta stage is difficult to assess), very easy to let the LORD have the urge to buy small and medium sized enterprises.

Ali mother a way to pay the advertising category, divided into two kinds:

1, long time billing. It was found that most of the current web site provides a long time billing methods, but most of the current advertising sites to provide advertising is a personal site type, commercial sites or less!
2, click billing. But this seems to be the only way to buy in the form of text, matching keywords, but in the choice of the site can click billing is the form of pictures, but in testing the purchase process without pictures form click billing form, you can add text ads keywords form, do not know what the reason is, I don’t know, maybe enough. How to buy!

Advertising type classification

Ali mother points in more detail, it is more beneficial to advertisers more accurately according to the target customer groups choose advertising types, it is important for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Ali mother’s advertising performance, divided into three categories:

1, text type.
2, image type.
3, text and image type.
see Ali mother on the advertising type argument, the future will increase the new type of advertising, is still relatively simple, may be more anxious Ma on-line this platform? Estimation is Ma wanted to divert public attention, because it is now a Alibaba listed before the period of silence, tell me what you see, recently less about Alibaba listed on the news? At least a lot less than the original!

Ali mother advertising size, a total of 8 sizes:


currently Ali mother can not customize the size, so it may have some impact on the beauty of some sites! But we believe that Ali mother will soon launch a custom size. Now a lot of Web sites can customize the size of the union, which should be more than Ali mother


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