Flex is the highest realm of Wangzhuan

network promotion and promotion of combined entity, this is the highest realm of Wangzhuan, has been out of a separate network level, so the influence is relatively large, the effect is only rely on the network to make money incomparable.

below I introduce a hard and soft combination of sports training market to do the case. Is also one of the key projects that I am doing, because there is not much to do in this category, with the development of China’s fitness and sports market, the profit prospects of this project should be quite broad.

general health club investment is relatively large, the purpose is to attract members. But the general fitness exercise is boring, if you can entertain side fitness, but also to make friends, then there will be more people to participate in the. And I do is a basketball club, the specific process is as follows:

(1) in relation to a clearing or idle plant.

(2) in the erection of several basketball courts and laying a good site, the cost will not be too high.

(3) recruit basketball enthusiasts, bachelor degree or above, or have a certain position and higher income, and the basis of poor basketball. Usually a higher threshold makes it more active to sign up for

(4) to hire a professional basketball coach or fitness coach, to be used in conjunction with basketball and fitness equipment.

relative to the large-scale investment in the gym, the investment of the basketball club is much smaller, a few million will be able to start. For members, join the basketball club, exercise in the entertainment, but also can make some friends. And in the gym, most of them are alone, as if to accomplish a task. In addition, the basketball Sporting Club Hotel is relatively cheap, once the formation of a stable club, development will be very fast, there will be more people choose basketball club, should be in China, basketball has a broad mass base, but also very easy to carry out. We are thinking of a club’s own slogan: Happy basketball, fitness.

has a good product and service, but also has a first-class operational capacity to cooperate. The establishment of the basketball club in the early stage, is to carry out a large area of advertising to recruit members. Most of the promotion is to rely on the network to complete, which is the perfect combination of soft and hard mode.

sports, fitness is a long-term service, but also more and more accepted by the public form. The traditional fitness club, mainly for sports enthusiasts, and I mentioned in the case of the basketball club, facing the crowd is very bad foundation or basketball fans, the aim is to become a sports fitness tool.

of course, we adjust measures to local conditions, people like to play table tennis in some places, we can make a table tennis fitness club, and some fun playing badminton, we can use the same method to operate. The next article I will focus on the combination of hard and soft mode of badminton and table tennis project, however, is different from the club, but a new mode > network at present almost no


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