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You are your own worst enemy an independent game entrepreneurial confession



author of this is an independent game developer (Weibo), he developed the game has recently risen to the App Store pay list third, bless his independent game road smoothly.

what is your biggest enemy, why I can’t understand it, but then there are too many things to prove it?. For example: I often work with strangers to deal with, and I was an introvert, so often do not open mouth before swallowing, because they are afraid of rejection. Then he broke his own ideas, now communicate with strangers is a rarely encountered rejection. Is it that others have changed?. When your heart changes, the whole world changes. You are pessimistic, look at the whole world is gray, you are active, the whole world is full of laughter. So simple. So, many times we can not overcome the difficulties, but can not overcome their own hearts, and our hearts can not pass.

I’ve been trying to be my own worst enemy. I’ve been a iOS indie game for almost two years. We all believe that Apple’s application can make a lot of money, so I have a hot head, jumped into the Apple Developer army, started an independent App developers, and now has become a truly independent game.

at the beginning of the first year for the quick upside down, super pressure, borrow money from time to time to many years are not in regular contact with friends. The mood is too tough, you need to pull down the face of money everywhere to find friends, met with investors, and again rejected, so Jingxiaxinlai reflection: do iOS games is my second business, I also venture 10 years later to find a career truly belong to own a perfect combination of interest and entrepreneurship the. Do 10 years of "Party B", this must do their own "party", their own destiny: must live in their own world ".

because of his childhood love of painting, from the Central Academy of fine arts after graduation, in 1998 began the first career of my life, his first venture opened a brand creative design company, working is 10 years. This ten years of gains is quite big, also experienced a lot of bitterness: one day you go to the bank, your bank account is not a penny, financial volume run. The business was short circuited. Sleep for several years in the office floor, overtime to second days of breath is bloody flavor. It is a good creative scheme, just be ignorant not to Party a……

experience of my mind for 10 years:


do iOS applications 1 years, the experience is still insufficient, or to pay tuition, but definitely not impetuous. The application downloads own did not come, there is no "dry cargo", I give myself to.


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