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Why Fab can get $105 million financing The former factors ultimately


according to the Wall Street Journal reported that creative design flash purchase company Fab recently received $105 million in financing. Its CEO Jason Goldberg in a blog post on the message to confirm.

interestingly, a month ago, TechCrunch editor Alexia Tsotsis broke the news that the company will raise $700 million valuation of $100 million of funds. He pointed out that the London Vc firms Atomico Ventures are interested in investing $50 million to Fab, while Fab’s existing investors will follow up $25 million.

today’s results are consistent with the previous TechCrunch broke the news. Through the C round of financing, Fab received a total investment of $105 million, and its valuation has reached $600 million. Goldberg pointed out that the lead cast Atomico Ventures can help companies improve the international market reputation. In December last year, B round of financing of $40 million and early access to investment funds, the company raised a total of $160 million.


for the 9 digit financing, Jason Goldberg performance is very modest: we have been very low-key work, and we get a huge amount of money this time. We are very glad that we can do something they like every day, through a series of design to bring joy to the user. This financing will allow Fab to get better development, which is not only an opportunity for us, but also a responsibility, we will attach great importance to."


less than 8 months, Fab’s valuation rose from $600 million to $200 million, while the financing amount increased from $105 million to $40 million. Why are investors so fond of this design site?

Maybe it’s about life with

. Fab was a gay social networking site before the transition, and many of the best designers were members of the gay community. And the transformation of Fab although a certain degree of inconvenience to gay people, but it also brings a platform to show the talent for the talented designer (because, in the transformation of these designers will realize that Fab has become his / her own field site, when Fab fame up will naturally think of their products at the top. ).

also has a relationship with the number of users and sales performance of the site. In the past 11 months, Fab sold a total of 1 million items, with an average of about $2.6 per minute. The site is expected to exceed $140 million this year, more than 5 million users. >


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